State Bar of Wisconsin Form 29-2003 SATISFACTION OF MORTGAGE Document Number The undersigned certifies that is the present owner of a Mortgage executed by to to secure payment of dated recorded on in the Office of the Register of Deeds for County Wisconsin in Reel Vol. of Records at Images Pages as Document No. and further certifies that the undersigned has a right to satisfy the same and hereby satisfies the above-described Mortgage on the following described real estate located in said...
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This is it Wayne's World he's already started I welcome to night Barry titles podcast today we are going to do a video series on Wisconsin 2013 act 66 which Governor Walker signed into law here's me gonna walk away yeah they're gonna see it there's you and your family right now looking at a black screen up in there yeah so you've seen on your screen now a picture of Governor Walker signing into law law law that Sharon I worked on for a couple years called 2000 act 2013 x 66 which is affectionately known as the wisconsin mortgage satisfaction a that's right it was an act that we took from a national version of the act and we kind of wisconsin eyes it we went all around to different states said hey you have an act like this and the other states would say yeah we have an act we said well how does it work in your state when you want to record an affidavit of satisfaction to satisfy a mortgage does it work well and we heard not so much and so we took the national version and we wisconsin eyes dit to make it work for us and a lot of other states it now I've looked at our version they're thinking that might be interesting they may want to adopt it so if you're from another state and want to look at this give us a call we'd be happy yeah yeah so shout out to Wisconsin land title association the leadership there the Wisconsin mortgage bankers the credit unions the Wisconsin bankers the Realtors everyone who helped us support write rewrite amend reham end and promote this in lobby for this to get this passed which is just exciting legislators that we worked with as well which this through they saw this as a consumer driven business driven law that they wanted to be able to support any who is a past with the hunt reversing and one guy Senate that didn't vote for it but we won't tell you who he is you could probably look it up but Sheila Harris door for the senator and northwestern Wisconsin and representative Dooley strobel from the ozaukee county area were the two leads on this so thanks on so thanks for that three things we're going to cover in this quick video and then we're going to take two of those items and make two more videos that it goes in depth so real quick and I've got my cliff notes we have the law right here to the first thing we're going to talk about is we finally have a payoff law in Wisconsin talks about payoff request for a payoff and pay off statement so a couple things sherry I'll do the first part you jump in whatever you want the the payoff requests which you have to send to get to find out the payoff it's good the laws good for residential and commercial it talks about what needs to go into the actual payoff request how fast lenders have to issue it how much the lenders are allowed to charge for a payoff or not and we'll go into all these details in the next video penalties for lenders that don't issue in quick enough and a law that says if payoffs wrong so there's all kinds of neat things in there it's really nice though a lot of...